Our lovely waiting room!

Our practice has implemented a system to minimise wait times for all our patients, as we understand that they lead busy lives and may be in pain when they visit us. To achieve this, we have specific time blocks for regular and new patients, allowing us to manage our time effectively and provide prompt service. Although rare events may occur such as practitioner stuck in traffic, by allocating a reasonable dedicated amount of time for each visit, we keep waiting times to a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes, even when seeing patients for their regular appointments.

In addition, we try to operate at 80% capacity, leaving room for emergency patients whenever possible, and we strive to accommodate everyone who needs our services. We believe in delivering exceptional patient care by being responsive to emergencies and providing timely care to patients in need.

We understand the urgency of new patients seeking treatment and aim to provide appointments as soon as possible, keeping appointment openings in our schedule to accommodate such patients. Our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare is evident in our approach to scheduling appointments and accommodating emergency cases.

Although we generally keep to time please understand that in some occasions additional time may be required for some patients in the event of emergencies or for unexpected reasons. We appreciate you being understanding of this fact.

Whether you’re experiencing pain or require regular chiropractic care, our clinic is dedicated to providing a positive and quality experience that meets your healthcare needs and it isn’t one that you need to wait 30 minutes or more. We invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience our commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. Give us a call on 62921092 or book online.

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