Beware of Black Ice

By Dr. Nash Anderson. B.Sc. M.Chiro. ICCSP. Chiropractor As the winter season descends upon Canberra and we experience multiple subzero temperatures, we at Tuggeranong Chiropractic Centre and Tuggeranong Therapeutic Massage want to take a moment to discuss a common, yet …

A competitive swimmer immersed in a clear, blue swimming pool, executing the butterfly stroke with precision. His arms are extended behind him, slicing through the water, and his face is submerged as he propels forward.

What is the buzz word “Load Management”? Are You Managing Your Load Correctly? Are You Preventing Injuries?

Delve into the world of load management, a key concept in sports science that goes beyond just reducing workout intensity. Discover how it enhances performance, prevents injuries, and its real-world applications in professional and amateur sports. Learn how chiropractors can play a crucial role in effective load management and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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