The clinic is fitted with digital x-ray equipment for spinal x-rays. X-rays are used by Chiropractors to identify and/or rule out specific pathology and help guide appropriate treatment.

At Tuggeranong Chiropractic Centre, we offer cutting-edge X-ray imaging services to provide our patients with accurate and detailed diagnoses of musculoskeletal problems. Our state-of-the-art imaging technology allows our expert chiropractors to assess your condition with precision, guiding the development of tailored treatment plans.

Why Choose Our X-Ray Imaging Services?

  • Advanced Technology: Our clinic is equipped with advanced X-ray equipment, enabling us to capture high-quality images that reveal the intricacies of your musculoskeletal system.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: With our detailed X-ray images, our chiropractors can identify underlying issues that may be contributing to your pain or discomfort. This allows for targeted and effective treatment plans that address the root cause of your musculoskeletal problems.
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: Our experienced chiropractors will utilise the information obtained from X-ray imaging to develop personalised treatment plans specifically designed to address your unique needs and goals.
  • Faster Recovery: By accurately identifying the source of your musculoskeletal problems, our X-ray imaging services may help expedite your recovery process, leading to improved mobility and reduced pain and stopping you going down dead ends unnecessarily.
  • Chiropractors who can read xrays: Our onsite Chiropractors not only can take images, but interpret them too.
  • Professional service with thorough reports and quick turn around. In addition to our onsite chiropractors looking at the images, we utilise experienced external radilology companies to view our images and provide a comprehensive report.
  • Images can be easily viewed by yourself or shared with your doctor or specialist: If you want your report or images to be shared with doctor, please let us know. Thanks to our efficient systems it can be easily done. You can also view the images if you wish. All reports have within them a provided URL so that the images can be both stored and viewed on secure servers.

Experience the Benefits of On-Site X-Ray Imaging

Having on-site X-ray capabilities at our clinic provides several advantages. It allows for immediate evaluation of your condition, eliminates the need for additional appointments at external imaging centers, and enables our chiropractors to make timely and informed decisions regarding your treatment.

Although lower levels of radiation are generally safe, and background radiation is a fact of life, we are conscious of the accumulative effects of radiation over time. If you are concerned or feel unsure, get in touch with our staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xrays FAQs

It is our goal to treat you safely and make appropriate recommendations. X-ray is only used when medically necessary and provides information about the integrity of your bones. This information helps the chiropractor to identify the best treatment for you.
Our chiropractors can take onsite digital x-rays. If needed, x-rays can be completed as part of consultation.
Our goal is to provide quality and affordable healthcare. The cost of an x-ray at our clinic is often more competitive than other alternatives in the area. Our pricing schedule is here.
X-rays are a useful tool that can be used by our onsite Chiropractors including Dr Nash Anderson, Dr Derrick Lian and Dr Jim Anthopoulous.
X-ray is not necessary for every patient. X-ray will only be used if clinically required and is justified. In some cases, your practitioner may recommend x-ray following recent trauma, if you have been in pain for sometime, or are not responding as expected to treatment. X-rays can identify issues that significantly affect the way we treat and how we manage your complaint.
Conditions such as scoliosis, degeneration, arthritis, congenital issues and pathology can often be detected via x-ray. X-ray is a fast and affordable form of imaging that can tell us about the integrity of your bones.
In some cases, you may still need further imaging or testing. We work with a local network of health professionals and will refer you to appropriate services if further imaging or testing is required. For example, we may refer you to your GP or to your local imaging centre for CTs or MRIs.
Of course! Your x-ray and report are your property and we do not charge for the release of this report. We actively encourage that you have a copy of your health documents. All x-rays include a detailed report for no additional fee. Within this report is a URL so that you or your healthcare providers can access the images.
Of course! We have great relationships with medical practices in Canberra. With your permission, we can quickly send across your results. Please let us know your doctors name and their medical practice.
We only recommend an x-ray if its needed to treat you safely or contribute to your treatment plan. If you are pregnant, or if there is any chance that you may be pregnant, please let our team know before undergoing an x-ray. X-rays are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant.
Modern digital x-rays, such as that in our practice, require significantly less radiation than in the past. The overall dose is small, however, the dose may vary depend on the size and density of the region we are x-raying. For example, a hand x-ray requires less radiation than a lower back x-ray. Likewise, let us know if you have had any recent x-rays or CTs, or have undergone radiotherapy. If you have had x-rays recently newer x-rays may not be required.

Schedule Your X-Ray Imaging Appointment Today

If you’re experiencing musculoskeletal issues and seeking an accurate diagnosis, schedule an appointment for X-ray imaging at Tuggeranong Chiropractic Centre. Our dedicated team of chiropractors is committed to providing you with exceptional care and helping you achieve optimal musculoskeletal health.

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